Company history

DSG Associates was originally formed in 1987 as a division of DIANA Yacht Design's U.S. operation, then based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Its mission was to provide contract engineering and survey services for commercial, military and recreational marine customers. One of the company's specialties was application engineering for engine manufacturers who required design assistance for refits or repowering jobs. 

Lady Alice

Three years later, the scope of services was expanded to offer clients styling, naval architecture, interior design and technical consulting. Since then, clients have been provided with complete naval architectural, marine engineering, design and project management for newbuilds, refits and a select number of powerplant installations. The group has also furnished design and consulting for a number of medium size commercial vessels between 61 meters (200 feet) and 104 meters (340 feet). In addition, three branches of the United States military and a number of foreign navies have worked with DSG Associates to develop new designs for specialized vessels. 

In July of 1996, the company was relocated to Vancouver, Washington, fifteen minutes from the Portland (Oregon) International Airport. Prior to the move, the company's activities as a design entity were ceased, and all ties to the parent company were severed. Now being operated as an independent consultancy, DSG Associates offers marine industry clients counsel in a number of areas, including design, engineering, construction, specification writing and review, contract review, bid solicitation and review, project management and accounting, project planning and survey, research and development, business planning, marketing, and maritime arbitration. Additional specialized fields include aviation and marine composites as well as the design of lightweight, high speed vessels, powered conventionally or by turbines.