The following paragraphs briefly describe some of the more common areas in which we work for our clients: 


In the marine industry there are a number of professionals who perform design functions: stylists (interior and exterior), interior designers and decorators, naval architects and marine engineers. In addition, there are a number of competent draftsmen and specialists who also function in a design capacity. It is erroneous to assume that each of these persons is both fully qualified and experienced. In fact, the term "designer" is used so loosely at present that a client may become confused as to the product that is to be expected for the payment of fees. 

As an independent advisor, a DSG Associates consultant can assist in choosing which of the many available individuals and firms to employ as part of your project team. If requested, we can then follow through by coordinating the project's planning and by assembling personnel and materiel. 


Whether your need is for a shipyard, a manufacturing facility or a source for goods and services, the marine industry offers a vast array of potential contractors and vendors. Each has a particular specialty, product or area of expertise. 

DSG Associates can assist in streamlining the process of due diligence by guiding you to the appropriate companies to bid on your job. In addition, we can recommend requisite specialists in a number of specialized fields, such as acoustics, materials engineering, systems design and finite element analysis. 

Owner's Representation/Project Management

On occasion, customers become engaged in projects that require a long-term management component to ensure its success, an example being the construction of a new yacht. In such a case, DSG Associates can act as the owner's representative and, if necessary, can provide a full-time, on-site construction expert whose focus is on that project alone and whose responsibility is strictly to the client. Once installed on the job, this individual will be fully supported by way of top quality telecommunications, accurate accounting and detailed tracking of supplies and subcontracted services. 

For those projects that do not require full-time oversight, we also can provide timely inspections to ensure quality control, payment milestone verification, and, after delivery, can assist in dealing with warranty issues.

Research and Development

An integral factor in the success of any venture is the ability to expertly and objectively design, test and analyze a method, product or process before, during and after its implementation. The routes to such testing and analysis can be easily navigated, and the sundry obstacles avoided with the assistance of one of our experienced consultants. To assist in what is often a critical step for a manufacturing project, our expertise in marketing can be of great help in bringing your new product to market. 

Maritime Arbitration

In addition to the services mentioned above, several of our consultants have experience with the legal process as it relates to the marine industry. Some are frequently called as expert witnesses, while others are qualified as maritime arbitrators, the latter providing an alternative venue to resolve disputes that arise from differences in the interpretation of contracts, warranties and the like.